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How Doctors are Planning to Celebrate The Day With Their Family


Our frontline staff have been working nonstop since 2019 when the pandemic started. With the cities implementing all necessary safeguards and protocols, there are many who wish to make the most of their limited time with family. Ahead of this Father’s Day, spoke with a few doctors who work for day and night on each occasion, and get to know how they are planning to spend time with their children.

Dr Pradeep Jain – Director and HOD – GI & GI Oncology, Fortis Hospital, shared, “During the pandemic, I spent most of my time at the hospital, taking care of my patients amidst the challenges brought by COVID-19. My family was stringent with the precautions taken at home and the workplace, and we did not go to any family functions or events. However, Father’s Day was wonderful, allowing us to spend some much-needed time relaxing as a family and enjoying each other’s company at home.”

He added, “We will bake a cake, cook a fancy dinner, watch a movie and spend hours chatting into the night. This year, I am glad that the situation is better. There is no lockdown, and while we still maintain precautions, we have had several family outings already. For Father’s Day this year, we still plan to have a quiet evening, with the only difference being my sons taking us out to dinner. But after we come back home, I still plan to catch a movie at home – just the 4 of us, and chat late into the night. I think we will make this precious family catch-up time a Father’s Day tradition.”

Doctors have been craving family time during the pandemic and Dr Avi Kumar, Senior Consultant, Pulmonology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, said, “Father’s Day is being celebrated to acknowledge the love, affection, and everything they had done for their family. During a pandemic, doctors had to stay away from their families, practice social distancing, and apply face masks, as they were in constant touch with COVID patients. Many doctors have missed family functions and get-togethers during the pandemic. Their family was also facing the challenges of being covid positive and not able to go outside. Presently, the danger of COVID is less and still one needs to be cautious. ”

“Presently, health care workers can remain together with family, and enjoy the much-needed time with them. Even celebrating father’s day outdoor while wearing a mask remain a possibility. This year, we would be spending time with the family, doing household chores, spending time with the kids, keeping some me time for ourselves, and catch up on some father-son time. Let’s all together make this father’s day 2022 a special and unforgettable day for their family members,” added Dr Avi.

Dr Manoj Sharma, Senior Consultant: Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital, shared, “Father’s Day is celebrated across the world with the objective of realising and honouring the contribution of fathers in the society. It is a day which celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds and the efforts of male parents towards their family and society. The day is meant to recall, recognise and remember the endless efforts, initiatives and contributions of all the fathers around us. Father’s Day is an occasion to honour all the fatherly figures like Stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles or even big brothers.

Following are safety tips to help ensure you and your family will have a safe, healthy and happy Father’s Day.

A good plan to celebrate Father’s Day, is to plan a dance party with all the family members included. There are few more fun ways to celebrate than with a good dance party, and Dad will love to spend some time on Father’s Day rocking out to his favourite tunes.

If your dad is into a bit of friendly competition, set up some athletic events or an obstacle course in your backyard or at the beach, and see who wins.

Why not capture the celebration in a couple of memorable clicks. Have a picture on this Father’s day, featuring grandpa, dad and son as they all pose for a photo shoot.

Get all the dads, grandpas, uncles, and other father figures in your life together and have an outdoor photo shoot. The whole family will love having these photos and looking back on them year after year. You can take some sentimental ones, and then bring in the photo booth props for some goofy fun.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Father’s Day!

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