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How Authentic Are Ayurvedic Oils Used in Cosmetic Rituals?

How Authentic Are Ayurvedic Oils Used in Cosmetic Rituals?


For centuries, the medical discipline of Ayurveda has been a dependable tool for maintaining our internal and physical health. People rely on ayurvedic products to protect their skin from the environment in general and climate change-related problems in particular, which cause the skin to lose its perpetual radiance. Additionally, they had a strong desire to incorporate effective skincare practises into their daily lives. Although there are many products on the market, one should be careful to select the ones that are best for their skin since choosing all-natural products that adhere to the ancient Ayurvedic practises is crucial. Kunkumadi taila, also known as Kumkumadi in the market and derived from Ayurveda antiquities, is a face serum oil that everyone should use in their regular skincare routine.

According to Ayurveda, this facial oil is a miraculous cure that, when used frequently, makes skin glow like the full moon. This face oil gives us a youthful appearance while brightening and renewing skin cells. However, there is currently a lot of uncertainty in the market regarding the differences between Kunkumadi and Kumkumadi taila. So let’s compare the two in order to determine which is the true ayurvedic beauty oil for healthy skin.

The authenticity war between Kunkumadi and Kumkumadi

According to the commonly cited ancient ayurvedic literature, the original name for this oil was Kunkumadi, not Kumkumadi. Ancient texts like Yogaratanakar, Ksudrarogadhikara (page 740), and the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (API), an official document describing the manufacturing standards, provide proof for such assertions. These old texts present the precise recipe for true kunkumadi. Similar to this, genuine ayurveda businesses manufacture formulas by closely adhering to the Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia.

The natural Kunkumadi taila is created using a particular method described in the ancient book, using more than 20 herbs intended to provide a glow like a full moon. Kunkumadi has an original formulation and composition. The finest Kashmiri saffron, or kumkum in Hindi, is combined with twenty additional herbs that promote shine, including lotus, manjistha, sandalwood, lodhra, ushir, etc. In order to maintain its high quality, Kunkumadi taila is also handcrafted in modest quantities and prepared using the original Murchit til method. For centuries, renowned Vaidya has advocated using this magical oil to improve the beauty of queens and monarchs. When properly prepared, it has an unbelievable effect on the skin, even down to the name and preparation method.

On the other hand, not all of the herbs listed in the traditional formula are used to make the Kumkumadi taila that has inundated the market. It is only processed according to conventional method and only contains or emphasises herbs like saffron. The majority of brands also deceive customers by hiding the whole composition of the product on the package, making it difficult for customers to make the best decision. As a result, the formulation of Kumkumadi taila differs greatly from the original Kunkumadi taila.

When consumers buy genuine Kunkumadi taila while taking the aforementioned considerations into account, their skin benefits greatly. Kunkumadi taila is the one-stop solution for dull and damaged skin and for preserving general skin health. It can rebuild skin texture, delay the ageing process, and lessen blemishes.

With inputs from Sanchit Sharma, the founder and director of Ayouthveda.

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