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History, Significance and How to Celebrate


NATIONAL EGG DAY 2022: Eggs are hands down the most versatile food. It can be a main dish, as well as, an ingredient. Along with the diverse usage that eggs foster, it is the long list of nutrients that it provides, with protein being the primary one. To celebrate the existence of eggs, the United States celebrates National Egg Day on June 3 every year. The day marks the importance of eggs and all protein-rich foods in general.

National Egg Day: History

According to one theory, a group of entrepreneurs in the poultry industry, in order to advertise the benefits of this healthy and economical food, decided to dedicate a day to eggs.

The consumption of eggs has found a place in archaeological evidence from the Neolithic era. With time, consumption increased as people started farming eggs in their personal backyards. Gradually, this grew into a full-blown industry where millions of eggs were being transported on a daily basis.

National Egg Day: Significance

An egg is often touted as an underrated food for not many people realise the myriad benefits attached to it. One egg is believed to have roughly 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of good fats, and multiple other micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and iron.

This makes eggs an ultimate powerhouse of energy and nutrients. Similar to the long list of nutrients eggs provide, is the list of ways to cook eggs. You can either boil and have it or make a dish out of it. National Egg Day is celebrated in the US to make people realise the goodness one egg can add to their diet.

Ways To Celebrate National Egg Day

There are many ways to celebrate the day. You can have a full meal planned with egg as the main ingredient. You can have egg-themed parties at your place. Another idea to celebrate national egg day is to learn a new recipe made from eggs.

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