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Here’s Your Guide to Choosing Comfortable and Trendy Shoes This Summer


Different seasons and change in climate calls for a change in fashion trends and attire and since we are in the middle of the scorching summer, let us talk about one aspect of summer fashion trends that is usually neglected — footwear.

Summer trends include sunglasses, umbrellas, scarves, hats and sunscreen lotions to escape the scorching sun. Whether you are wearing shorts and relaxing in the park or enjoying the cool breeze at the beach on the weekends, you need shoes that go with the outfit.

A pair of minimalist sneakers will help you enhance your look as you go out somewhere in the summer sun, while also being comfortable to wear in the summer. If you still work from home, a stylish pair of slip-on shoes would be appropriate.

However, you will have to choose a balance of being economical, trendy, as well as comfort level while buying your footwear. Let us help you with making the choice. Keep the following in mind while buying your footwear.

Do not wear shoes that cover the feet

In the intense heat, avoid wearing boots or shoes that completely cover the feet. They can cause discomfort, pain due to rash, redness of the feet and sweating. Sweating caused by tight shoes can also cause your feet to smell bad. Try to wear sandals to ensure the circulation of blood and air to the feet and soles.

Get shoes that are easy to wear

This holds, especially while travelling. You do not want to be wasting time trying to thrust your feet into a shoe when you are in a hurry to reach somewhere. Choose shoes that are easy to take off and wear without taking too much time.

Quality of shoes:

Many problems related to back, knee and shoulder pain are caused by the wrong choice of shoes. Women generally prefer to wear high heels as they are attractive. But you should choose shoes with soft soles to protect your feet from sweat, redness, sores and bruises.

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