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Here’s How You Can Keep Up With the Nutrition Despite Hectic Work Schedule


Do you remember how many times you have skipped your breakfast just because you were running late for work? Or delayed your lunch because you were supposed to meet the deadline at work? While you can’t remember the times you missed taking the essential nutrients, you surely can relate to it, and honestly, you aren’t alone. Being part of the busy urban life has given us nothing more than an unhealthy lifestyle, which we might not notice currently but it will surely impact us in the long run. Since most of us face a similar situation, nutritionist Kavita Devgan in an interview with the Hindustan Times, shared five tips on how one can take care of their overall health despite having a hectic schedule.

While we all are aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the nutritionist shared quick tips that we can incorporate in order to never miss our breakfast. Beginning by explaining the drawbacks of missing breakfast, she pointed out that it leads to lowered stamina, brain fog, and weight gain. The Hindustan Times quoted Kavita as saying, “In fact, breakfast eaters are known to be slimmer, fitter, have more energy, better memory and also much healthier. So, miss this meal only if you want to shortchange your health. To avoid missing, wake up 30 minutes earlier or plan for breakfast the night before you go to sleep.”

The health expert recommended that we stay prepared beforehand. She suggested storing the stirred veggies keeping in mind the nutrients you need. She said, “Keep boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes always stocked up. Can help put together a veggie – matar aloo, dahi aloo, potato salad, aloo beans… in a jiffy. Make and store some stuff that can be stored for later use – for example, tomato and coriander-mint chutney and onion gravy mix, so that you can use them as a curry base or sandwich spread quickly.” In addition, she advised preparing the next meal with the first dish to save some time there.

Further, she urged people to incorporate lentils in their daily meals if they are missing out on important nutrition for quite some time. Explaining that the lentils are loaded with protein, fibre, and other important nutrients, she added that they can not only be used creatively with different food items but will also help in covering up for the absence of a healthy diet. Next, she encouraged all to eat a “colourful diet” as it is the “easiest and the most effective way to ensure well-being and to keep myriad diseases at bay.” The nutritionist added that because a colourful plate “ensures well-being and better disease prevention” one should include a “rainbow plate” in their daily lives. Kavita concluded by suggesting people “eat whole”, which means focusing on “incorporating whole grains” in your diet and making them fifty per cent of your diet. Switching to organic products will also help you maintain good health overall.

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