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Here’s How To Use Them

Here’s How To Use Them


People often experience joint pain, bloating, and gastral problems irrespective of their age. Therefore, it is crucial for one to take care of their immune system in order to shield themselves from such troubles.

Making certain lifestyle adjustments is the first step that you can take to give your body enough strength to combat any illness. In order to do so, you can consume some superfoods that you will easily find in your kitchen.

You use them in your day-to-day lives without knowing the storehouse of benefits that they offer.

Recently, Dr Dixa Bhavsar dropped a post on her Instagram space where she talked about three natural healers that can help you protect yourself from several health problems.

Dry Ginger:
If you have pain in your joints or if you are facing gastral problems, stomach ache, bloating, and menstrual cramps then dry ginger can provide you a bit of relief.

As per Dr Dixa Bhavsar, it can be used “as a tea (ginger boiled in water), can be added in milk or as a mixture for immunity, cold and cough (1 tsp ginger powder mixed with 1 tsp of turmeric and honey works best for respiratory ailments as well as immunity).”

Desi Cow Ghee:
Ghee is said to improve physical and mental health. In addition to consuming it, you can also use it as an ointment on skin, hair, wounds and nasal drops as per Dr Dixa. She stated in her post, “It’s cold in nature, sweet in taste, alleviates vata and pitta and is considered auspicious.” She further mentioned the benefits that it offers: improves digestion, strengthens muscles, improves voice and memory and boosts immunity.

Consuming mint tea helps with a bad mood, upset stomach, cold and loss of energy. To use it, all you have to do it boil 7-10 mint leaves in water for five minutes, strain the mixture and then have it on empty stomach in the morning.

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