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Healthy Eating Tips for Monsoon Season


 Be careful while buying fruits and vegetables.  (Credits: Shutterstock)

Be careful while buying fruits and vegetables. (Credits: Shutterstock)

Apart from seasonal flu and fever, water-borne diseases are quite common during monsoon season.

The much-awaited monsoon is here, bringing us huge respite from the sweltering summer. But apart from soothing relief, the rainy season brings along woes of health issues, making it extremely crucial to keep an eye on what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat. This is because the switching changes in climatic conditions easily infest our food with different bacteria and a variety of viruses. Moreover, our overall gut health and immunity easily get impacted when we consume such infected food unknowingly.

Apart from seasonal flu and fever, water-borne diseases are quite common during monsoon season, therefore staying extra cautious becomes the need of the hour. Hence, we have pulled together a few ways of eating right during this monsoon, so that you never miss out on enjoying the thrill of rain.

  1. Limit Seafood
    If you are a pescatarian or someone who loves seafood, then the rainy season can prove to be a bit harsh on you, as you should skip eating seafood this monsoon. This is because the water contamination risk is higher during the rainy season, which easily makes the fish and other aquatic life vulnerable carriers of the infection. Therefore it is best to refrain from eating seafood during rain.
  2. Avoid eating uncooked food
    Raw food can be a host of harmful bacteria and viruses, and therefore consuming uncooked or half-cooked meals should be avoided. Keeping an eye on the temperature while cooking your meats properly, is extremely important as there are high chances that bacteria and viruses are surviving on that food during the rainy season.
  3. Eating street food
    During the monsoon season, temperature becomes ideal for fungal and bacterial growth, and also the chances become extremely high for food and waterborne diseases. So you must stay away from street food or eat outside, during this time of the year.
  4. Wash before consuming
    While you must wash your food at all times of the year, in the rainy season bacteria and fungus often reside in vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables. It becomes extremely important to properly wash your food before consuming it. Be careful while buying fruits and vegetables. If you see a cut on any of it then avoid buying that particular one. Before cooking meat you must wash it carefully with warm water, to be extra cautious.

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