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Healthy and Instant Foods To Eat For Breakfast

Healthy and Instant Foods To Eat For Breakfast


‘Have breakfast like a King, lunch like a peasant and dinner like a beggar,’ a famous proverb we all swear by.

Until the 14th century, many around the globe considered consuming an early morning meal a sin, as the name means ‘breaking the overnight fast’. Meals in those days consisted of dinner, then eaten at midday as the main meal, followed by supper at night.

“In ancient times, almost all Indians followed the tradition of two meals a day. First meal before proceeding to the fields in the morning and another before dusk, after returning from the fields. Some would even eat a small meal during the noon break, which is still very prevalent in rural India,” says Vikash Agarwal, Founder and MD, Go Grocer.

With colonial rule in the 19th century, breakfast and evening tea with snacks slowly made their way to the kitchen of Indians. Over the years, breakfast is now touted as the most important meal of the day and there are a variety of options to choose from.

Shammi Agarwal, Director, Pansari Group, shares, “Brands are now conscious and taking cognizance of the changing demands and are trying to address the amalgamating segment of breakfast and snacking by introducing ready to cook and ready to eat packaged foods. Top FMCG firms are introducing various options of ready-to-cook nashta products.”

However, Indians penchant of traditional breakfast options never goes away. We bring a list of traditional breakfast options that are healthy and nutritious.

The Indian bread is stuffed with a mixture of potato, onion, paneer, and many more, along with a few spices that are easy to assemble for morning breakfast

POHA – Poha is one of the staple breakfast recipes made with onions, potato and flattened rice

CHOLE BHATURA – Chole bhatura/kulcha is the favourite breakfast in northern India. Masaledar chickpea with soft and crispy fried bhatura or tandoor baked kulcha with butter lassi are a hot favourite

IDLI – Fermented and easy-to-digest South Indian breakfast sensation, served with Sambar and coconut chutney

DHOKLA – Made with chickpea flour, semolina, curd and turmeric, this dish is best to start your day, which keeps you light the entire day

DALIA – Wheat dalia cooked with veggies and lentils makes for a healthy breakfast option to start your day

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