Home Lifestyle Heading to Bengaluru? Here Are the Places You Must Visit

Heading to Bengaluru? Here Are the Places You Must Visit

Heading to Bengaluru? Here Are the Places You Must Visit


Apart from being the hottest destination for IT companies around the world, Bengaluru is also popular among tourists. The city offers a blend of ancient heritage and modern energy to visitors. And to top, it all is the near-perfect climate of Bengaluru. The tropical savanna climate provides a comfortable environment helping tourists to make the host of their visit. If you have also been planning a vacation with friends or family, Bengaluru could be a good option to consider. Here are the top destinations to visit in the Silicon Valley of India.

Ulsoor Lake: Away from the hassle of the city, Ulsoor Lake is a perfect place to unwind in peace and quiet. The lake features several islands that add to its beauty. Visitors can either choose to take a boat or use a walking path to the islands.

Nandi Hills: If you are in search of the perfect Instagramable destination, Nandi Hills are Bengaluru’s answer to that query. The twisting roads and tight turns make the ascent to the peak worthwhile and when you reach the top, there is Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple protected by a sculpture of Nandi. The sunrise and sunset are something that you shouldn’t miss.

Vineyard Tour: Bengaluru and the surrounding areas are home to several breathtaking vineyards, among many other things. Make the most of your time by planning a trip to one of these vineyards and learning about the craft of winemaking. You can also partake in a wine tasting session; some of these locations even provide activities like grape-stomping.

Indian Music Experience: The Indian Music Experience is a museum devoted to the vibrant Indian music industry. The museum, which spans four floors, has eight themed rooms, a sound garden, a café, musical sculptures, and a study centre for music lovers. Visitors can even record, play instruments, and compose their own songs.

Wonderla: This famous amusement park in Bengaluru offers outdoor serenity to enjoy with your loved ones. It is undoubtedly the best option for a trip with friends and family. There are more than 50 land- and water-based rides, as well as other attractions such as musical fountains, laser shows, and a virtual reality show.

And when you are done with the destination, enjoy Bengaluru’s rich variety of street food. Places like V V Puram, CTR Malleshwaram, Jayanagar, etc. are packed with several eateries serving anything from South Indian cuisines to north Indian street food.

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