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Gaurav Arora Shares ‘Challenging’ Experience of Losing Weight for Aadha Ishq and Then Gaining For Asur


Gaurav Arora recently impressed everyone with his performance as Saahir in Aadha Ishq. However, not many people know that the actor was offered this show while he was working on a web series – season two of Asur. Therefore, Gaurav had to work on the two shows simultaneously. In a recent interview with, the actor opened up about the same and shared how it became challenging when he was required to lose weight for Aadha Ishq, whereas the Asur 2 script demanded him to be bulky. Talking about the same, Gaurav shared how he had to lose weight in a month and then had to gain again so that he could continue to shoot for Asur.

“Yes, so basically I actually had a window for that transformation. There were scenes (in Asur) for which I had to put on weight and I had that window of one month. My director was more than happy. While we were shooting, I was offered another project, Aadha Ishq and for that, they wanted me in a particular shape. Luckily I had one more month to get back in a much better shape. That was quite challenging,” Gaurav said.

Gaurav further revealed that he had to gain 5kg first and then had to lose the same amount of weight in less than two months. “It wasn’t about just weight gain. I must have put on around 5kg. But while I was shedding, it was more of the muscle quality and in between, I again lost around 5kg in a month. So even if you have lost weight, the quality of muscle makes you look much fitter,” he told

The actor also shared how he used to work out twice a day to shed weight. “I didn’t have time, because putting on weight and then losing it requires a lot of intense training, proper diet. I used to work out twice a day. I used to do cardio and core exercises for my stomach. Later, in the evening I used to train again,” he added.

Taking about the same, Gaurav also mentioned that even if he had to follow a strict diet to lose weight, he then enjoyed the process of gaining it back because he got to eat all of his favourite food items. “I had to follow a particular diet. Throughout the shoot, while I was shooting for Aadha Ishq for 40 days, I was very strictly following a diet. I made sure I was taking everything right because there were several sequences that were supposed to be shot in the end schedule of Aadha Ishq. While I had to put on weight, it was not muscular weight, I had to be a bit softer, and I had to remove muscles and gain fat. For that, my training time was also reduced and I had to eat a lot. For me, it is difficult to put on weight. I lose weight quickly but gaining was very difficult for me. Yes, I was getting to eat all my favourite food,” he said.

On being asked if challenges like these make the acting career hectic, Gaurav said, “As an actor, I think we look for opportunities which keep you excited. It’s the unpredictability of this job (that one likes).”

Aadha Ishq is currently streaming on Voot whereas the shooting for Asur is reportedly underway.

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