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Fruits That Are Good For Diabetic Patients

Fruits That Are Good For Diabetic Patients


In people dealing with diabetes, glucose tends to accumulate in their bloodstream because their body does not produce enough insulin. As a result, their blood sugar level rises, which is not healthy for them. Hence, it is crucial for diabetic people to keep a check on their sugar levels and consume foods that don’t cause too much sugar to build up in their blood.

Diabetic people are often told to avoid eating fruit because it contains natural sugar. However, as per a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, there are a few fruit that a diabetic person can consume, without risking their life. Know more about them here:


The bioactive compounds present in peach help in reducing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it has a low glycaemic index, and it is low in fat which makes it an ideal fruit for diabetes.


Apples play a vital role in reducing blood sugar levels. Also, they are abundant in polyphenols, which help the pancreas release insulin. Furthermore, it assists cells in converting ingested sugar into energy.


According to the American Diabetes Association, berries are excellent for diabetes as they are abundant in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

Black Plum:

The fruit is excellent for controlling blood sugar. This blackberry, also known as Jamun, contains chemicals and antioxidants that have the potential of converting starch into energy.


The fruit guava is incredibly abundant in dietary fibre. It is a fruit that has less calories. Furthermore, it can help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. In addition to being easy to digest, it is absorbed by the cells at a slow pace.

Some other fruits that are beneficial for people with diabetes are apricots, avocados and grapefruit. However, the research further reports that drinking fruit juices increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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