Home Lifestyle From Vada Pav To Zunka Bhaka, 5 Must-Try Mumbai Street Foods

From Vada Pav To Zunka Bhaka, 5 Must-Try Mumbai Street Foods

From Vada Pav To Zunka Bhaka, 5 Must-Try Mumbai Street Foods


Mumbai, the city of dreams, is known for its busy lifestyle where people come to conquer their goals. Apart from the chaotic hustle and bustle in Mumbai, the city is also known for its lip-smacking street foods. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Mumbai, you must not miss these delicious food items found in the city, that will linger on your tastebuds long after you have eaten them.

Here is the list of the 5 best signature dishes of Mumbai that you might regret if you don’t try them.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the most savoured food in Mumbai. The dish is made with two, slightly fried bun loaves of bread with fritter or vada and mashed potatoes in the middle. The highly popular snack in Mumbai is served with both sweet and spicy chutneys.

Bombay Sandwich

Bombay sandwiches are unlike any other sandwiches you have tried. Apart from its giant size, the Bombay sandwich comes with beetroot pieces, cucumbers, boiled potatoes, and mint chutney, combined in one. You can have it grilled or enjoy it with fries.

Kanda Poha

The Kanda Poha is a delicious snack in Mumbai and it comes with flaked rice aka poha topped with onions or kanda. It is mixed with sliced potatoes, peas, and green chillies. A dash of coriander and lime juice makes the dish drool-worthy.

Baida Roti

Another interesting street food for non-vegetarians is the Baida Roti. It is a fried patty, stuffed with juicy chicken, or mutton and mixed with eggs and onions that will leave you wanting for more.

Zunka Bhakar

The Zunka Bhakar is found in every nook and corner of Mumbai. It is prepared with mustard seeds, onions, chickpea flour, and curry leaves. This hearty meal can be enjoyed with a jowar roti.

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