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From Copper To Aluminum, Which Utensils Benefit Human Body The Most


With the advancement of science, humans, too, have evolved. The progress is visible in all the sectors ranging from technology, education, and infrastructure among others. Nowadays markets present different options for diverse products. Humans have achieved consistent growth in the food sector wherein things like modular kitchens, stylish utensils, and chimneys are a common view.

One such commodity which is widely used and is present abundantly is utensils. The retail outlet offers different types and designs of utensils for diverse purposes. But are these utensils which are manufactured by using different materials safe? Are they beneficial or harmful to our health?

As per the study conducted by Medline Plus, the utensils used in the past were much more beneficial for health than the ones we are using currently.

Below is the list of utensils that do not have any side effects on health-


We all are aware of the anti-bacterial properties of copper that can help boost the immune system. In rural India, people prefer to use copper glass or pots to store drinking water. It improves digestion and heals wounds.

Utensils made of copper can increase haemoglobin and have the ability to detoxify the body. Remember, sour foods should not be stored in copper. Medline Plus suggests using copper for cooking purposes but overuse can lead to nausea and diarrhoea. Copper having a metal coating is a better option that can be used for daily purposes.


It is one of the most suitable metals for both cooking and eating purposes. Food stored in steel can withstand high temperatures without any reactions. The reason behind this is hidden in science because steel possesses non-reactive properties.


Using iron griddle improves the haemoglobin in the body and helps in the growth of red blood cells. A note of caution never makes any sour foods because they can react. Moreover, it can also darken the colour of the vegetables.


Aluminium can heat things quickly. However, utensils made up of aluminium react with acidic foods, such as tomatoes and vinegar, and can cause food poisoning.


Utensils made of glass contain no chemicals, they have no odour or taste. So it is usually considered safe.


Silver utensils have antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. Using it eliminates bile defects, and strengthens metabolism and the immune system. Moreover, they improve your mood as well.


Brass utensils are better to use only when they are coated with steel. This metal can react with salt and acidic substances when heated, hence cooking in it should be avoided. Eating from a brass pot strengthens the immune system and keeps the liver healthy.

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