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From Classic to Mint, Beat The Heat With A Glass of These Lassis


A glass of soulful Punjabi Lassi immediately brings happiness to our faces. The simplest and quickest way to achieve cooling in this sweltering summer is to have a glass of lassi. In addition to providing cooling respite in the summer, curd-based sweet lassi has many health advantages. You should include lassi in your regular diet and keep yourself cool and hydrated in summer.

Apart from keeping you hydrated, lassi does wonders to the digestive system. Drinking lassi also keeps the body cool from the inside. The traditional lassi, which we always make, has numerous flavour additions over time. Let’s see what varieties you can try next.

Classic Lassi: To prepare a traditional lassi, you need ice, sugar, and curd. Using a blender, blend the curd with the sugar. You can add some cardamom powder as well.

Mango Lassi: Ripe mango pulp, yoghurt, sugar, and ice are also required to prepare mango lassi. Blend them all in a blender. Add some cardamom powder to your mango lassi to enjoy it.

Mint Lassi: Blend some mint leaves with curd, sugar, ice, and other ingredients to make Mint Lassi. Depending on your preferences, you can make mint lassi either sweet or salty.

Banana Walnut Lassi: Blend curd, sugar, and ice in a blender to make banana walnut lassi. Now add some crushed bananas. Serve them with some finely chopped walnuts to your Lassi and enjoy!

Strawberry Lassi: Prepare the strawberry puree before making strawberry Lassi. Now, use a blender to combine the curd, sugar, and ice. After that, combine it with strawberry puree and enjoy your glass of flavours.

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