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From Anxiety to Fall in Energy Level, 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Your Dinner


We have often skipped dinners and have had to hear a lot of things from our parents. While we might not have heeded their words when we were young, with time, we realised they weren’t wrong. Skipping any meal of the day only causes harm.

Even if you are following a weight-loss diet, design it in a way that you eat something light in the evening. Let us know, how skipping dinner at night harms our health:

May lead to stress, and anxiety: If a person develops the habit of skipping dinner regularly, it can have a negative effect on their physical and mental health. The habit of not eating food at night can make you anxious.

People who skip dinner every day may develop unhealthy eating habits. This increases anxiety levels and lowers blood sugar, leading to more production of the stress hormone.

Sleep may get affected: Repeatedly skipping dinner can make you a victim of sleep deprivation. It can badly affect your mental health. People who do not even eat breakfast can have symptoms of depression and stress. This can lead to the release of stress hormones, which can disturb the sleep cycle. If this happens frequently, you will face the problem of sleep deprivation.

Food craving: By skipping food at night, you can develop a habit of tremendous food cravings. And this may lead to junk eating, which is harmful to our health. And then you may not even think about the number of carbs, sugar, calories etc. you are intaking in your diet.

Fall in energy level: If you sleep at night without eating, you will feel less energetic when you wake up in the morning. Diabetes patients, to maintain their glucose level, must eat at night. If there is a severe fall in the blood sugar level, they may face problems. Eat less, but definitely sleep after having a light dinner. It also affects your digestion.

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