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Follow These Simple Practices To Lose Weight in Sleep


Almost all of us desire to shed those extra kilos and look our leanest best. While working out and following a diet are common ways to achieve your fitness goals, did you know that sleep also plays a major role in regulating your weight. Good news is that even if you are not able to follow a regular workout and diet plan, you can still rely on sleeping techniques to lose weight. However, it may vary person to person depending on their metabolic rate.

A 2021 study led by the researchers from the Department of Health and Human Development, University of Pittsburgh, United States, found that people with sleep apnoea lost more weight and fat over a 12-month period when they experienced better sleep.

Let us find out how you can have better sleep for weight loss.

Have a fixed time for sleep

If you follow a routine of going to bed at a particular time everyday then your body will be habituated to the same bed time. If you go to sleep exhausted throughout the day, then you will fall asleep immediately and deep sleep of 7 to 8 hours will be helpful in reducing weight.

Prepare for optimal sleeping conditions

It is recommended to have minimal lights in the room while you are sleeping as bright light may disturb the sleeping. Have a comfortable bed and sleep on clean sheets for an uninterrupted nap.

Sleep a few hours after eating

If you go to sleep immediately after having your dinner, it can affect your digestion. Due to this, your metabolism may not work properly. Avoid consuming caffeine before bedtime. It’s advised by the experts to always eat at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Sleep without a blanket

When you sleep in cold temperatures, your metabolism is likely to increase which in turn helps to burn more calories. According to research, reduced room temperature increases the amount of good brown fat, which helps the body to get rid of extra blood sugar and burn more calories.

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