Home Lifestyle  Five Natural Home Cures to Help You Get Rid of Split Ends

 Five Natural Home Cures to Help You Get Rid of Split Ends

 Five Natural Home Cures to Help You Get Rid of Split Ends


Have you ever attempted to run your hands through your dry hair and found that your hand became entangled in the hair strands? Or do they break so readily that all you have left are a few strands in your hands? These are unmistakable indications that you have split ends.

Due to the overuse of heat and chemicals in modern hair care, split ends are a fairly frequent issue that is only becoming worse. These substances only briefly improve the appearance of our hair on the outside, but they end up harming the roots. Our hair needs to be nourished, so we must use certain natural products to do so.

Split ends fundamentally refer to frizzy, dry, brittle, and ragged hair ends. They begin to have a rough, unkempt appearance similar to a frayed rope. Your hair will also have a duller colour at the ends compared to the rest of it. Split ends also cause more hair to fall out since the ends of your hair are more likely to break. Split ends can be brought on by high temperatures and humidity as well as hair styling methods including blow drying, straightening, and curling. Additionally, they are brought on by overuse of chemical hair products.

Natural remedies for beauty have been shared by Pooja Luthra, a naturopathy expert who posts advice on her social media channels.

1. Coconut Oil
Numerous issues with human hair, including split ends, dandruff, dryness, and hair loss, can be resolved with coconut oil. To allow your scalp and hair roots to absorb the nutrients from the oil, massage your hair and scalp with coconut oil for 10 to 15 minutes before leaving it on for two hours. Remove with a gentle cleaner.

2. Honey
Honey helps with the split end issue by acting as a natural conditioner for our hair. It gives it that extra sparkle and gloss and makes them more lively. Olive oil and curd are added to honey. This hair mask should be applied and left on for 25 minutes. Wash it with a small amount of shampoo after that.

3. Yogurt
Your dead hair will receive the much-needed moisturization by being applied to your scalp for 20 minutes, then being washed off with shampoo. Make cautious to avoid applying yoghurt straight from the refrigerator as this may cause a chill or brain freeze.

4. Aloe vera:
Can you truly talk about healthy hair without mentioning aloe vera? This is a particularly amazing ingredient for maintaining our beauty because of its high vitamin E concentration. Whether you apply the gel directly to your scalp or mix it with an oil or hair mask, your hair will have a glossy finish.

5. Eggs:
Although they may sound disgusting, eggs are the simplest way to give your hair the protein it needs. Applying its hair mask will assist you in treating split ends brought on by dry, damaged hair. To get rid of the foul stench, squeeze some lemon juice into your egg hair mask.

Ladies, give these a try and let your hair down so you can feel the wind through your voluminous, soft mane!

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