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Five Drinks That Are Highly Overrated When it Comes to Weight Loss


The Internet is full of information. Be it anything, we search and the answer is in front of us. While we seek the help of the internet for various health issues, the most common subject is weight loss. There are numerous remedies that claim you can lose weight within days of using them. However, not all are true. There are many drinks available on Google and YouTube that gives you affirmation about losing weight fast. We try many but are sometimes left disappointed. So, to break the false claims, we have got some of the drinks which are not as effective in weight loss as they claim.

Ginger and Honey water

Ginger is said to be one of the most effective ingredients to boost your immunity. It is a natural way to prevent cold and cough but when it comes to weight loss, no ginger and Honey water is not a go-to drink. This surely makes people feel energetic due to increased immunity which leads to more exercise time, but the drink is not the magic.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another drink that is quite overrated when it comes to breaking down fat is apple cider vinegar. It surely has the ability to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and aids digestion but it doesn’t work for burning fat. Also, people who often suffer from acidity are advised to not consume apple cider vinegar.


It is often said that drinking smoothies instead of other aerated and milk-based drinks is more effective when it comes to dieting. Although smoothies are rich in nutrients and even make you feel full for a long time, they can rise the sugar level in body. Sugar contributes to fat gain and reverses the nutrition gained. Therefore, smoothies are a big no when it comes to weight loss.

Fruit Juices

Although made with healthy fruits, they are as same as smoothies. If you eat an orange, you are getting all the nutrients, but the juices only provide your with sugar and the liquid of the fruit and leaves behind a big amount of nutrition.

Green Tea

Green tea is a detoxing drink but consuming it empty stomach can lead to serious health effects. Even overconsumption of green tea is associated with liver and stomach diseases. So, if you are consuming green tea, then try to limit it twice a day.

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