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Failed to clear UPSC exam? Get motivated from Naman Shrivastava’s inspiring journey


Getting into civil services is a dream for many youngsters in India. However, cracking the exam is not so easy. While many achieve success after several attempts, there are still a large number of aspirants who fail to crack this exam. Those who get disheartened after a number of failed attempts at cracking the civil services exam should take inspiration from Naman Shrivastava, an UPSC aspirant who failed to get into his dream job just for 8 marks.

Naman failed to qualify the Civil Services Exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission five years ago but he is now the Chief Executive Officer at Global Governance Initiative, a policy consulting, management and sustainability platform. Naman recently shared his inspiring story of bouncing back after failing to crack the UPSC exam five years ago.

As recently, the UPSC has announced the results of the 2021 examination many aspirants were left behind while many achieved their dream job. To motivate the ones who missed the chance by a few numbers, Naman shared a series of tweets narrating his journey.

“What does life look like if you don’t clear UPSC? 5 years ago, I missed the UPSC final list by 8 marks. My score in optional was among the highest in India, and my interview score of 204 was the second-highest. A few years down the line, I’m in Istanbul,” wrote Naman.

He went on to tell his story of opting for an MBA degree and leaving the dream of becoming an IAS officer. He also revealed how moving away from hiscivil services dream was the right decision. Pointing out the changing landscape of India, he narrated how a professional role at the global level can bring more opportunities and failing to crack UPSC exam is not the end of the world.

In another series of tweets, Naman shared some practical advice that no UPSC coaching centre will give to aspirants. The inspiring post motivated a lot of UPSC aspirants. One user wrote, “Great spirit…when one door is closed, several doors get opened. Clearing UPSC is not everything in life. It’s only a job like many other jobs.”

So, if you too gave this attempt and left behind by a few marks, then don’t be disheartened. Just go and explore the new opportunities. Be yourself and give your best next time.

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