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Expert-Suggested 7 Signs Of Mental Disorders That Must Not Be Neglected

Expert-Suggested 7 Signs Of Mental Disorders That Must Not Be Neglected


Mental health is one of the many neglected problems in the area of public health that puts humans at a major risk of depression, mortality, and suffering from other mental disorders. The number of stigmas attached to them is the reason why mental health remains unmet by the response. Now, during a recent interaction with Hindustan Times, the Lead Clinical Psychologist of Lissun, Shreya Malik, revealed that there has been progress in the mental health sector as society is becoming aware of the risks of neglecting emotional imbalances and behaviours that might change the way a person lives.

The psychologist reveals that the world is becoming more aware of the situation, however, the response to it is still a tad bit sluggish. Shreya Malik said, “Mental Health concerns are primarily being focused upon worldwide. Research suggests that about 14% of the global burden of disease is attributed to psychiatric disorders. Thus, bringing the question of the facilities and the awareness in the society. There is progress in mental health services which are now available across the globe, with increasing awareness. But acceptance for the same is yet growing in a sluggish way.”

She continued that there are a plethora of barriers and hindrances that often creates confusion which is why people make the mistake of neglecting some serious issues. However, the recorded awareness and the acceptance of mental health on the global level is what’s helping people to avoid making an error. She added, “Multiple barriers act as a hindrance to looking at the lens of mental health with seriousness, leading individuals to often make mistakes while dealing with themselves and others around them. This phase of growth is an opportune moment to explore the paradigm of mental health to avoid mistakes while dealing with it.”

During the same interaction, Malik also highlighted seven factors that people neglect which can later go on to become a major issue.

Less Sleep

Keeping one’s body sleep-deprived can hamper their psychological functioning. Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern is necessary for reducing stress and giving one’s body the rest it deserves.

Social Media

Social media acts as an escape for humans to a virtual place that is far away from reality. People scroll mindlessly through social media apps which is one of the major causes of anxiety.

Relying on Google

Instead of going to mental health experts, many also tend to google their symptoms to determine their health disorder. Malik asserts that it is essential for a person to visit an expert for assistance.

Neglecting negative patterns

The psychologist claim that many notice the emotional changes and negative behavioural patterns but do not make it a point to open up about it.

Considering Mental Health a taboo

People who believe that mental health is taboo also tend to demotivate others about the issue. The health expert recommends that it is essential to acknowledge the elephant in the room and seek proper health for the same.

Refraining from taking breaks

In the fast pace of life, it is essential for one to take breaks and indulge in pleasurable activities like going on a vacation, travelling, and more.

Work-life imbalance

The psychologist believes that a majority of people can balance the fine line between work and personal life. This later becomes the driving force for stress and depression.

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