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Essential Things to Pack in Your Travel Tote Bag

Essential Things to Pack in Your Travel Tote Bag


With avid travelers diving deep into revenge travel, it’s finally time to pack your bags for a long-pending vacation. As more and more countries reopen their borders, now is the time to begin preparations for the days you had envisioned while sitting at home. From choosing the perfect destination to finalizing a relaxing hotel everything is important for this great escape.

Whether you’re keeping it low-key with a weekend trip, hopping on a long flight with family, or taking a road trip with your close pals, you’ll need the right attire, accessories, and skincare products. Fueled by wanderlust, even if your vacation is at a tropical beach or at the magically snowy mountains, we have prepared a checklist of travel must-haves that will fit perfectly in your vacay bag


While a little sun can be good for you, if you plan to spend your day by the beach, pool or even out sightseeing, be sure to protect your skin with some SPF. A sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 blocks out almost 97 percent of UV rays responsible for sunburns and increased risk of skin problems.

A lip balm

One way to combat a cracked pout is with a lip balm. You can also find ones that are tinted. Whether you fall into the no-makeup camp or are just feeling lazy, a wash of tinted lip balm adds a natural glow to the face.

Hand sanitizer

Just think about all the germs you may come into contact with while traveling, whether they’re lurking on public transit handrails, airplane seats, hotel rooms, or on the screen of your phone. Hand sanitizers are a great way to protect yourself from getting sick while on vacay.


Perfume bottles are beautiful but they are impractical for traveling. While traveling one should prefer carrying a fragrance that is compact, spill-proof, and fits easily in a handbag. Brush perfume becomes a totally justifiable choice and the perfect perfuming gesturing on the go. You must apply it to your pulse points for long-lasting fragrance making it an easier alternative to how to travel with perfume. Actor Tara Sutaria, says, I strongly believe that fragrances have a lasting effect on our personalities and that’s why I don’t step out of home without mine!  I am constantly on the go and need my perfume easily accessible. L’amante Click & Brush perfume by Engage is a good one, as it is so easy to carry along for fragrant touch-ups and fits perfectly in my travel sling bag.”


The perfect outfit is simply incomplete without a good pair of shades. Shades are a necessity for almost any destination you might be heading to. If you are traveling to the beach or to the mountains, it is imperative to protect your eyes from the damage caused due to sun. With 2022 appearing as the “Year of Revenge Travel,” it is essential to sit down and assess all your requirements before you start packing.

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