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Effective ways to combat oily skin this season


It is extremely important to look after our skin during the monsoons because as lovely as this season is, it may make the skin exceedingly greasy and oily, resulting in clogged pores. In some cases, our skin might become dry and itchy. With the change in seasons, it’s important to alter some things in our daily skincare routine and even adopt new ones.

Here are the things you can do to keep your skin flawless during the monsoons:

Never forget to wear sunscreen

Do not forget to wear sunscreen, no matter how humid or oily your skin becomes, it is important to protect your skin from damaging UV radiation and free radical activity. Dr Prerna Taneja, the dermatologist, stated in an interview with Swirlster that even though you can’t see the sun during the monsoons, the damaging rays of the sun are still present and can be equally destructive to your skin. “Sunrays consist of UV rays and Infrared rays which can cause a host of skin care problems like premature ageing and photodamage. Even if you do not see sun rays in the monsoon, they affect your skin. Thus, it’s extremely important to wear sunscreen even during the rainy season,” she said.

Cleansing is a must

During this weather, oil and dust are more prone to accumulate on the skin, so wash your face frequently and clean it with a cleanser on a regular basis to ensure that your skin stays healthy.

Exfoliate your skin

It is crucial to gently scrub your face two or three times a week, as humidity can clog your pores, causing acne and other skin problems. Exfoliating will aid in the removal of dead skin, the prevention of acne, and the maintenance of oil-free skin, resulting in better skin.


Being hydrated is vital in every season as it detoxifies your body and leads to healthier skin, bringing out a natural glow on your face.

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