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Ear Infections During Monsoon Are Common, Follow These Tips to Avoid it


After the extreme heatwave, almost every part of the country is desperately awaiting the monsoon to get some respite. But did you know the arrival of monsoon increases the risk of microbial infections? Fungi spores grow rapidly in humid weather, making fungal infections very common in the rainy season. Apart from skin and eyes, cases of such infections affecting ears are on the rise, making it a necessity to incorporate a few ways to avoid such infections.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, ENT specialist, Dr Ankit Jain from Apollo Spectra Mumbai, revealed the causes behind the ear infections and shared some symptoms that must be taken seriously.

While explaining how humidity is responsible for causing ear infections, Dr Ankit Jain said, “Too much humidity can be a breeding ground for bacteria causing fungal infection. Debris in the ear and bruises from earbuds can also make you prone to ear infections. A fungal infection of the ear called otomycosis also takes a toll on the ear.”

Besides certain bruises, some allergies along with cold and flu can cause the infection. Detailing the same, the health expert said, “Furthermore, bacteria like Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are factors behind bacterial ear infections. Though bacterial infection cases happen throughout the year, there is a steep rise during the rainy season.”

Some symptoms of ear infection that you must take seriously are swelling, irritation, itchiness, choked ears, earache, watery discharge, dizziness, severe headaches, decreased hearing, and even fever.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate to avoid such infection during the monsoon season:

  1. During the rainy season, you must keep your ears clean and dry. You can use dry and clean cotton cloth for the same.
  2. Stay away from ear buds and cotton swabs, as in humid weather cotton swabs can trap bacteria and they can spread infection in your ear.
  3. Since the throat can spread the infection to our ear quickly, you must take proper care of your throat by avoiding cold food and drinks.
  4. As much as we love to use earphones, it becomes extremely crucial to keep them clean to avoid infections. You can use a disinfectant spray to keep it completely sanitised.
  5. Regular checkups with an ENT specialist after every 6 months should never be skipped.

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