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Ditch Expensive Perfumes For Homemade Natural Scents

Ditch Expensive Perfumes For Homemade Natural Scents


Who doesn’t like to smell good? After all, the fragrance speaks volumes of who you are. We spend hundreds and thousands just to get our hands on the right perfume. The expensive scents, available in the market, can not only be a burden on the pockets but in addition, people with sensitive skin can experience one too many allergic reactions. Moreover, despite all the hassle, you may end up without your favourite perfume. What’s the solution, you may ask? Well, have you ever thought of making perfumes on your own? If not, then you should, because it’s one of the easiest DIY beauty hacks. A few essential oils and the right base ingredients can give you outstanding results.

Now, let’s take a look at how to make perfumes at home that will last long.

Jasmine perfume

To prepare a perfume with jasmine fragrance, mix 1 tsp jasmine essential oil, 1 tsp lavender essential oil, 5-6 drops of vanilla essential oil with 2 tsp vodka and fill it in a bottle. Keep it for 48 hours at room temperature. Now, add 1 tsp of distilled water to this mixture and stir it well. Now, leave it in a cool and dark place for a month. After a month, filter the mixture and fill it in a spray bottle.

Rose perfume

To prepare rose perfume, add half a teaspoon of fresh coconut oil to 1 cup of rose petals and keep them aside. Now, after 24 hours, mash the rose petals with the help of a spoon and mix 3-4 drops of essential oil, 2 drops of defender essential oil and 2 cups of distilled water. After a week, filter the mixture and fill in a spray bottle.

Mix fruit perfume

To make mixed fruit perfume, mix 2-3 drops of mandarin essential oil, 3-4 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil, and 1 teaspoon of liquid carrier grape seed oil well to make fruit roll-on perfumes. Pour the mixture into a roll-on bottle. Keep the mixture in the fridge for an hour until the perfume is ready.

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