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Dishes from Around the Country You Must Try

Dishes from Around the Country You Must Try


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 2022: As the nation celebrates Independence Day, it gives foodies the perfect reason to treat themselves to the best food on the occasion. With a rich diversity of flavours across the country, India has a dish to satisfy everyone’s tastes and culinary preferences. Blessed with geographical, religious, and cultural heterogeneity, Indian cuisine caters to all kinds of palates. Check out some delectable delicacies you can feast upon this Independence Day.

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  1. Dum Olav from Kashmir
    Starting from the crown of India, this simple dish can be made in your kitchen very easily. It gives a new twist to your typical Dum Aloo. Baby potatoes are partially boiled and fried; the gravy is made of curd, and has spices like cinnamon, cardamom, fennel powder, which give it a unique aroma. It can be served with basmati rice or with naan and roti.
  2. Bhutte ka Kees from Madhya Pradesh
    Hindustan ka dil dekha? (Did you see the heart of Hindustan?) Bhutte Ka Kees is famous for being an original dish from Madhya Pradesh, and you must try it out to experience MP’s cuisine. Coarse grind some corn kernels. Heat mustard seeds, cumin seeds, grated ginger, a chopped chilli, hing, turmeric in oil, and when seeds have cracked, add the corn paste. Simmer till the consistency thickens, add salt according to your requirement, and serve hot.
  3. Tomato Bajji from Andhra Pradesh
    Famous street food in Andhra Pradesh, Tomato Bajji can be made in two ways. Prepare a mashed potatoes’ stuffing, fill it in hollowed tomatoes by emptying the seeds. Make sure you slice off only a small portion from the top. Dip the tomato in the besan batter and coat it completely. Deep fry in hot oil. Or you can coat whole, uncut tomatoes in besan, deep fry, and remove the tomatoes from the fried coating. Add onions, groundnut, chillies, spices to the tomato, prepare a mixture and fill the hollow coatings.
  4. Sev Tameta Nu Shaak from Gujarat
    Grind some raw tomatoes with a few garlic cloves and ginger. Heat mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and asafetida (hing) in oil till they crackle. Add the tomato paste, and simmer till the paste thickens. Add chopped tomatoes, salt, and cook till the tomatoes soften completely. Add sev namkeen, and serve hot.
  5. Sweet Pongal from Tamil Nadu
    Saute rice and yellow moong lentil in ghee, add milk and water and pressure cook for 5 whistles. Make thick jaggery syrup by melting jaggery in water. Add syrup to rice, and simmer till thickens. Serve hot.

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