Home Lifestyle Depression To Stroke, Fast Food Can Cause Whole Host Of Health Problems

Depression To Stroke, Fast Food Can Cause Whole Host Of Health Problems

Depression To Stroke, Fast Food Can Cause Whole Host Of Health Problems


Fast food is popular among people of all ages. Whether it be a restaurant or roadside food corner, fast food is loved by all. Moreover, consumption and popularity are only increasing every day. Food bloggers have also made it a trend to showcase their city’s fast food specialities on social media.

Pizza, burgers, patties, pastries, cookies, chips, momos, noodles, pav bhaji, pani puri, chaat and so many other items fall under the fast-food umbrella. Soda, soft drinks and processed juices fall into this category too. All of these even when occasionally add up to a huge amount of junk food being consumed by us. This is worrisome as fast food can cause a lot of health complications.

According to Healthline, fast food can affect various internal organs in the body which can lead to chronic diseases or heart problems such as stroke. The list had these implications:

Headache – Starting from our brain itself, food filled with sodium can cause frequent headaches.

Depression – Eating fast food is linked to an increased risk of depression.

Acne – Carbohydrate-rich food can cause acne breakouts on our skin.

Dental problems – Carbs and sugar can cause bacteria build-up and eventually lead to cavities.

Heart disease or stroke – Elevated cholesterol and increased blood pressure can lead to stroke or heart disease.

High cholesterol – Fried foods can cause bad cholesterol levels to increase to abnormal amounts.

High blood pressure – Sodium-rich fast food can cause a spike in our blood pressure levels causing heart problems.

Blood sugar spike – Filled with carbs, fast food can cause frequent insulin spikes. This may cause our blood sugar levels to increase.

Obesity – Fast food can cause obesity as its calorific content is too high.

Insulin resistance – Fast food can cause insulin resistance and hence type 2 diabetes.

Bloating and puffiness – Eating too fast may cause bloating in the body due to increased levels of water retention.

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