Home Business Demolition Plans Set, Residents Asked to Vacate Area by 7am on August 28

Demolition Plans Set, Residents Asked to Vacate Area by 7am on August 28

Demolition Plans Set, Residents Asked to Vacate Area by 7am on August 28


Supertech Twin Tower Demolition: All plans are being executed smoothly to prepare for the demolition of the Supertech twin towers in Noida, with the 40-storey buildings set to be brought down at 2:30 pm on August 28, which is net Monday. Over 3,500 kgs of explosives will be used to raze the Noida twin towers, while residents will vacate the area by 7 am on the day. The illegal towers are being demolished on orders of the Supreme Court, which found violation of norms in the construction of the buildings.

More than 5,000 residents will vacate Emerald Court and ATS Village societies and over 2,500 vehicles will be removed from there on August 28, officials were quoted as saying by PTI. They will vacate their houses by 7 am on the day, to stay safe from the 100-metre long twin towers that were supposed to home 900 families and 21 shops at Sector 93B of Noida.  While the twin towers had come up on premises of Emerald Court only, ATS Village is adjoining the illegal structures on the other side in Sector 93A of the city.

The impact of the demolition of the twin towers would be maximum on these two societies and its residents, officials of Edifice Engineering, the company which is tasked to raze them, said. The residents can return to their homes after 4 pm only with safety clearance from Edifice, as per the plan finalised on Thursday.

All vehicles will have to be removed from the two societies as well for the period, the plan stated. “There are approximately 650 flats in Emerald Court and 450 flats in ATS Village. Both societies have a combined number of residents over 5,000 who will be required to move out as per schedule on August 28,” a Noida Authority official said.

“As for the removal of vehicles, several residents have more than one vehicle. There are around 1,200 vehicles in Emerald Court and 1,500 vehicles in ATS Village that will have to be moved outside. The Noida Authority will provide space for them in the multilevel parking facility at Botanical Garden metro station,” the official said. The multi-level parking at Botanical Garden Metro station can easily accommodate more than 5,000 vehicles at a time, according to the official.

Entry of people, vehicles and animals will be restricted in the close proximity area — known as exclusion zone — of the twin towers in Sector 93A, the plan stated. The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, which is close to the twin towers, will remain shut for vehicular movement from 2.15 pm to 2.45 pm on August 28, it showed.

Fire tenders, ambulances, etc, required for emergency services, shall be parked on the road constructed behind the park in front of the twin towers, it added.

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