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Debunking Common Myths Revolving Around Skincare


We all wish to achieve that radiant, smooth, clear, and baby-soft skin. And in a bid to attain that we tend to believe anything and everything. While a new product in the market often excites us, the advertisements make us believe that there surely is a need for that product in our routine. This often results in us burning a hole in our pockets. Although new trends will arrive on a regular, the need of the hour is to become a vigilant and informed consumer of products. Therefore, we have pulled together a few myths revolving around the skincare:

No need for sunscreen in fall or winter

Despite the day not being sunny, applying sunscreen is as important as drinking water. This is because the Ultraviolet (UV) rays are always present year-round. Even if it is cloudy out there, you must know that UV rays can penetrate the clouds, and can cause issues like sunburn, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin hyperpigmentation.

You need different products for different body parts

One of the biggest mistakes that we make is spending thousands of rupees on different products, just because we have been told that different parts need different products. You need to understand that if a lotion suits your legs, it will keep your hands perfectly moisturised, and you don’t need to spend on a different hand cream for your hands.

Antibacterial soap cleans the skin

You must have come across several brands claiming that their antibacterial hand soaps kill 99 per cent of germs. Honestly, it is impossible to keep your skin free from bacteria. Not only this, but surprisingly innumerable bacteria reside on our tongue, despite us taking such good dental care. Therefore, these antibacterial soaps can keep away the infections from spreading.

Layering is important

The Internet has made us swear by a skincare regimen that includes hundreds of steps. In reality, indulging in so many steps or utilising different products for one issue like toner, serums, moisturiser and so on is not necessary. If you feel that one moisturiser is solving all the issues then you do not need to waste money on anything else.

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