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Date, Significance, Puja Muhurat and Rituals


Skanda Sashti, generally known as Sashti, is a Hindu festival observed widely in Tamil Nadu and other southern states. According to mythology, the day is dedicated to Lord Skanda, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Other names of lord Skanda are Murugan, Kartikeyan and Subramanya.

Skanda Sashti Date

Skanda Sashti will be observed on June 5.

Skanda Sashti: Significance

This day is marked as a tribute to Lord Skanda for killing demons. It is believed that lord Murugan, who was the General of the army of the gods, killed the demons Tarakasura and Surapadman.

It’s believed that those who worship the warrior god Skanda on this day will be blessed with peace and prosperity in life.

In North India, Lord Skanda is considered the elder brother of Lord Ganesha while in the south he is considered as the younger brother.

This year Skanda Sashti vratam will be observed on June 5. The day when Panchami tithi and sashti tithi fall on the same day it is considered auspicious to observe the Skanda Sashti fast. On such occasions, the Soorasamharam day is observed on Panchami tithi.

This rule is followed at many Murugan temples. The same rule is followed at the famous Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam in Tiruchendur town of Thoothukudi District in Tamil Nadu for the rituals on Skanda Sashti day. Sashti day is also known as Subramanya Sashti. It is also known as Kukke Subramanya Sashti.

All Sashti’s are dedicated to Lord Murugan. Shukla Paksha Sashti during the lunar month Kartika is the most significant one in the year.

Skanda Sashti: Puja Muhurat

This year, the auspicious period on Sashti day will start from 04:52 am on June 5 and end at 06:39 am next day.

Skanda Sashti: Rituals

  1. Devotees wake up early in the morning and take bath.
  2. It is followed by observing a fast for the whole day to worship Lord Murugan.
  3. Devotees then offer oil lamps, incense sticks, flowers and kumkum to the idol of Lord Skanda.
  4. Many devotees also observe partial fasting.

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