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Cotton to Khadi, These Fabrics Will Bring Respite in Scorching Heat


The everyday scorching heat limits the fabric one can wear, especially for those individuals who easily get rashes and redness, in summer. They have to be very choosy with their clothing. Sometimes because of the quality of the fabric, we tend to harm skin that is already under intense heat. Here is a list of those affordable yet skin-sensitive and summer-oriented fabrics that can be your best buddy this season.


If you are confused about which fabric to wear, choose cotton. This is specially made for hot weather and hence just perfect for summer. In fact, in the summers, various designs are available in the market. Cotton clothes can be worn daily, to parties and formal occasions. If you have sensitive skin, choosing cotton is the best option for you. This is the most lightweight, sweat-absorbent fabric one can opt for.


After cotton, linen is considered the next most affordable and summer-oriented fabric. One can see loads of males wearing linen shirts, especially for formal occasions. It helps the skin breathe because of its sweat-absorbent property. The shining part is one can use this fabric not only for formal but for casual looks as well.


One thing which comes to our mind when we hear the word silk is cost and royalty. It is true that’s why the royal families in the ancient past of India used to wear so heavily embroidered silk cloths, especially women. Usually, silk outfits can be worn easily but people try not to wear them much because of their add-on costs like wear and tear.


The best property of this fabric is that it is thinner and lighter and therefore suitable for summers. Sometimes wearing denim can be hard too and for that Chambre can be the best alternative. It is comfortable to wear this fabric in heat wave regions of the country.


The made-in-India khadi is the fusion of cotton and silk and that makes it suitable to wear in the hot seasons. One can find various designs and can mix and match with Indo and traditional elements.

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