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Colour to Sport, 5 Things to Keep in Mind For Gender Neutral Parenting


Children should not be bound by limited thinking, it is the desire of almost every parent. Whether it is a boy or a girl, he or she should be ready to do everything and accept every challenge in their life, this is considered to be gender equality. For gender neutral parenting, you need to take little steps every day.

Do not make the child colour specific or toy specific based on gender. Unknowingly, the parents, family members and relatives give gifts according to the gender of the child. These are small things that fill the child’s mind with the illusion of being a boy or a girl. The elders must pay attention to these habits and change them.

Doll for daughter and car for son: As a parent, no one can think of your child better than you. This is true, but never buy any toy based on a gender label on it. Like a kitchen set for the daughter and a bike for the son. Be it a son or a daughter, give them all kinds of toys so that he or she does not think of being a boy or a girl.

Avoid gender specific colours: There is pink for girls and blue for boys, do not make your child believe any such thing. Many parents do the interior decoration of the child’s room by being gender specific. The boy’s room has blue colour and superhero posters, while the girl’s room is decorated with pink and Barbie themes. Get started with gender neutral parenting with these steps.

Girls cry boys don’t: Many parents try to calm down a crying child by saying that boys don’t cry or why are you crying like girls. By saying this, you make it sit in the mind of the child that boys should not cry. At the same time, the feeling starts developing in girls that girls cry and there is no harm in it.

Gender and sport have no connection: If girls want to play an outfield game like cricket, kabaddi or football, parents ask them to play girls’ games. On the other hand, if boys show interest in playing indoor games or with girls, the family advises them to play field games. If you can get yourself out of this thinking, you will surely be able to do gender neutral parenting.

The kitchen is not made for one gender: When the boys come to the kitchen, they are asked what is your work here? Boys grow up and accept the fact that they have no work in the kitchen. On the other hand, girls are not involved in the discussion of household expenses so they start thinking it’s not their job.

So to give gender neutral parenting. Parents should take a look at these small things for the betterment of their children.

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