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Can’t Shed Kilos Despite Many Hours in Gym? Follow This Effective 7-day Weight Loss Diet


Getting rid of that extra chubbiness and looking leaner is one of the most common fitness goals that people are chasing nowadays. In this quest, many buy a gym membership and go through strenuous workout sessions on a daily basis while some adopt other forms of exercise as well.

However, despite burning loads of calories and putting the body through intense physical activities, not everyone is able to achieve the desired toned physique. Fitness experts suggest that the problem here lies with the diet.

The concept of losing weight is simple, eat less and burn more. But, the diet should also include all types of food that provide essential macronutrients. Today, we bring to you a convenient diet plan that is designed for effective weight loss.

Day 1

Regardless of when you are waking up, start your day with a glass of cucumber detox water. It hydrates the body and facilitates weight loss. 1-2 hours later, eat a bowl of porridge with milk and top it up with some dry fruits.

Eat 100 gms of skimmed milk paneer around two hours before lunch and then eat a bowl of mixed vegetable salad. One can eat whatever is prepared for the lunch.

Consume freshly cut fruits and a glass of buttermilk 1-2 hours after lunch. In the evening, you don’t need to skip your tea but consider putting less or no sugar in it.

After the evening brunch, again have a bowl of mixed vegetables and then eat one chapatti with a bowl of dal and any curry for the dinner.

The diet remains mostly the same for the rest six days of the week. But, as eating the same thing can be boring, we have listed some alternatives for you.

Day 2

You can replace the porridge with a bowl of curd while coffee can be given space instead of the tea in the diet.

Day 3

For a change, have a multigrain toast in the breakfast and some yoghurt. One can opt for a banana after lunch if other fruits are not available.

Day 4

One can have an omelette (1 egg) in the breakfast along with a fruit and nut yoghurt smoothie. Cooking chole and spinach for lunch and dinner can provide you with much-needed nutrients.

Day 5

You can have a cup of freshly cut papaya with buttermilk and eat low-fat paneer curry with a chapatti for the lunch.

Day 6

Idli sambhar can be a great option for breakfast on Day 5. For lunch, go for any vegetable curry like brinjal or jackfruit.

Day 7

You can eat two besan chilla for breakfast and steamed rice with any curry for lunch. The day can be ended with low-fat paneer curry and chapatti for the dinner.

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