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Bored With Your Regular Breakfast? Try This Healthy Red Sauce Pasta


It is said that if your day starts with a healthy and yummy breakfast, you feel full with energy. The breakfast should be healthy and should keep you full for a long time. After fasting overnight, people want to have something in the morning, which is healthy as well as loaded with flavours.

Many think that pasta is unhealthy and can’t be a part of your first meal of the day. However, that’s not the case. You can play around with the pasta by switching it with flour pasta and adding heaps of vegetables. This will make the dish healthy and ideal for breakfast. This will not only increase the nutritional values but also make it easier for parents to feed their kids a healthy diet.

Let’s have look at the recipe of red sauce pasta:

Ingredients for making Red Sauce Pasta

Pasta – 2 cups (160 grams)

Tomato – 4 (400 grams)

Tomato Sauce – 1/4 cup

Olive oil – 2 to 3 tbsp

Capsicum of different colours – 1 or 2

Mushrooms – 5 to 6

Beans – 1 handful

Basil Leaves – 8 to 10

Ginger paste – 1 tsp

Black pepper powder – 1/4 tsp

Chilli flakes – 1/4 tsp

Oregano – 1/2 tsp

Salt – 1.5 tsp or as per taste

Mozzarella Cheese – to garnish

Steps to make red sauce

Put olive oil in a non-stick pan and let it heat.

Till then, put tomato, and ginger in the mixer and grind them.

Add small pieces of garlic to the pan and fry them.

Put chopped onions in the pan and keep stirring.

After 2 minutes, add the tomato puree and fry it.

Add salt to it accordingly.

Cover and cook it for a while and turn off the gas. Your pasta sauce is ready.

How to boil pasta

Put water in another big pan and add salt to it.

When it comes to a boil add wheat pasta to it.

To avoid pasta from sticking together add 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Once the pasta is cooked more than partial, filter its water with a strainer.

You can cut any vegetables of your choice into squares of one size and keep them close by.

How to make Red Sauce Pasta

Start by putting some olive oil in a big pan and saute all the vegetables in it.

Add all the herbs to it and stir well.

Put the pasta in the pan and saute it with light hands.

When it mixes well, then add the red sauce that you have prepared.

Add salt as per taste.

Give your pasta a final touch with some cheese and enjoy.

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