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Benefits of Lemon Water on Empty Stomach; Here’s How to Prepare It


It is believed that drinking hot water on an empty stomach is good for health but infusing it with lemon can work wonders. Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C and deliver a lot of health benefits. It helps in improving digestion, and metabolism and increasing energy levels.

If you’re someone who is fond of beverages and wants to lose a few extra pounds, then switching to lemon water is what you should do. Lemon water without extra sugar has extremely low calories as compared to orange juice which contains 110 calories per glass, as per HealthifyMe.

Here’s how you can make lemon water:

  1. Heat the water, and make sure that it’s lukewarm.
  2. Infuse lemon in it, not adding sugar will result in more effective results
  3. Drink it on an empty stomach

The richness of vitamin C in lemon is extremely good for your health as it gives your body the ability to fight off free radicals that cause illness and boosts your immune system. Besides shedding a few pounds, it also improves the quality of our skin and strengthens the heart’s health.

Drinking water keeps you hydrated but drinking lemon water adds up to the qualities that the water provides. As essential as it is to stay hydrated, it also helps in attaining the goal of losing weight. Lemon water reduces cravings as it makes you feel full without adding calories to your system. As per HealthifyMe, studies have revealed that having a glass of lemon water right before the meal decreases the hunger and helps in the reduction of calorie intake.

In a previous interview with NDTV, Shivani Sikri, Chief Nutritionist and Wellness Expert stated, “You should also know that, like most plants, lemon has a high dose of potassium. As a result, lemon water helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.”

Some studies have even pointed out that lemon water can help in preventing anaemia, and kidney stones. However, more research is needed to be conducted for concrete results.

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