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Avoid Stomach Ailments in Summer With These Expert-Backed Tips


While we are well aware that excessive heat during summer can damage our skin and hair, rarely we have been informed that it can be harsh on our stomach as well. Time and again, we have been told to keep ourselves hydrated. However, apart from it, constipation, food poisoning, and indigestion have also become quite common during the scorching heat. Addressing the same issue, Dr. R.C Soni has opened up about the impact of excessive heat on the digestive system. Not only this, but the expert also shared a few tips one can follow to avoid stomach ailments during summer.

Pointing out some of the health issues that come along with the summer heat, Dr. Soni was quoted as saying, “As temperature rises, summer invites various associated disorders like dehydration, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, acidity gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhoea, food poisoning and loss of appetite.” She added that excessive heat makes the digestive system slow and weak.

Detailing the need to regulate our food habits, the expert said that scorching heat affects our immunity and digestive system, which further causes stomach ailments. The expert listed a few tips that will help in avoiding stomach sickness during summer.

Eat light

Eating heavy meals in any season has its own drawbacks. Thus, in order to rectify this habit, the expert urged all to depend on light home-cooked meals.

Improve digestion

Consuming 6-8 small meals in short intervals will ease the digestive process. Not only this, but the health expert also asked all to avoid heavy and oily meals, as it hampers the digestive process.

Eat fruits and vegetables

While fruits and vegetables that carry high water content are extremely healthy during the summer season, the doctor recommended intaking the ones that are stomach-friendly and helps in the digestive process. Further pointing out some of those stomach-friendly fruits and vegetables, Dr. Soni asked to include tomatoes, cucumber, apples, pears, watermelon, and muskmelons in your diet.

Consume coconut water

Staying hydrated needs no new introduction, but rarely we have been informed that during summer we must religiously include coconut water in our diet. This is because coconut water helps to neutralise acid levels in the stomach and reduces the heat.

Exercise daily

Last but not the least, we must indulge ourselves in a routine habit of exercising. In a bid to improve our digestion and overall well-being, exercising daily is extremely crucial.

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