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Are You Parents To Twins? These 4 Tips Should Make Your Life Stress-Free


Parenting may be one of the most enriching experiences of our lives but it certainly isn’t always fun and games. When it comes to taking care of newborn babies, things often get overwhelming. And of course, when you are taking care of twins, it’s twice the hard work.

Since it is a tall task and can sometimes put you at your wit’s end, we have come up with some tips that will make your life easier while you are taking care of your newborn twins.

Set a routine:

With twins in the house, you can pre-set the eating and sleeping schedule for both the kids. Put both twins on the same schedule. If one baby wakes up hungry, feed both of them, even if it means waking a sleeping baby. Put them down to nap at the same time, and bathe them one after the other.

With this, you will get an idea of the time of feeding, sleeping and waking up of the child and you will be able to do the rest of the work without any worries. Using a twin feeding pillow may be a convenient option for you to feed your babies.

Take help from chat groups

In this digital era, making connections over group chats is very easy and simple. You can join parenting groups on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media and get an idea of how to manage twins from other members who have had similar experiences. Share your experiences, and seek help and advice from other members. You will find that raising your twins has become a tad easier.

Take help from family members

If you think taking care of twins has become increasingly stressful for you and your partner alone, take help from your family. Keeping a babysitter in the house can also prove to be a good option for taking care of children.

Do not forget to take a break

However much care and attention your babies need, it is very important to take some time for yourself. Catering to your babies’ needs 24/7 can stress you out and make you irritable, the brunch of which your kids or other family members have to bear.

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