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Are You Losing Your Individuality In a Relationship? Tips To Help You Deal With It

Are You Losing Your Individuality In a Relationship? Tips To Help You Deal With It


Relationships ask for a lot of investment from both sides. You and your partner not only need love for the relationship to nurture but also to invest time and understand each other better with each passing day. However, sometimes this investment is taken too far and we tend to lose ourselves in it. This is because spending too much from one side and not having your own routine can cause you to be fully dependent on your partner for your needs and wants.

According to Live Bold and Bloom, it is important to spend time with your partner. But unknowingly, sometimes, you spend a little too much time with them and start to lose your own identity in the relationship. Here are signs that you are losing yourself:

You don’t practice “me” time: Don’t let your relationship stop you from prioritising yourself. It is important to practice personal space and maintain your own schedule to maintain your individualism.

Your social life has suddenly become non-existent: If you had a busy social life and you don’t have it anymore, this means that you’re over-invested in your relationship. Not talking to friends online, not calling, keeping your timeline empty and more such things point to your social inactivity.

Your partner is the only important person in your life: It is true that your partner is important to you. But that doesn’t mean that the people who meant something in your life have lost it. Apart from your partner’s general well-being and likes and dislikes, you shouldn’t give in to everything that they want from you.

Your opinions aren’t yours anymore: If you have totally changed your mindset about things that you used to have a different opinion about, then you have started to lose your individuality. People are also defined by what they think about the things in life.

You are codependent with your partner: You can’t do things without your partner, and you have to take their permission for everything you want to do. This codependency is unhealthy in a relationship.

There are many more signs of toxicity in a relationship, but if you want to thrive with your partner, it is important for you to install some new practices and set some boundaries. Here are tips to deal with the toxicity and feelings of doubt in you:

Create your personal space – Make sure you create your personal space and revive your hobbies and interests. This will help you feel at peace, and you will have your own life, not just the one with your partner.

Spend time with family and friends – Reconnect with your loved ones and cherish the relationship you once had with your family members and friends. Stay in touch with them and make plans.

Set boundaries and communicate well – Be honest about what you want and make sure you stay open with them about it. There is no harm in setting some boundaries in order to practice a healthy relationship.

Self-care – Having a skin-care routine, some me-time and pampering yourself without your partner’s involvement is not wrong. Make sure you make yourself happy and care about yourself along with your partner.

Learn to say no – Say no when you don’t want things to go their way. Forcing yourself to do everything your partner wants will change you in ways that you wouldn’t want and create a feeling of doubt in you. It will also make you feel shackled in a relationship and you would always want to break free.

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