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Are You in Love? Look For These Signs to Know if it is Beyond Attraction


What is love? It is hard to explain the feelings in just a few words. Love is a complex emotion and has different meanings for different people. Bollywood films have given us many ways to love, one that is pure, one that is friendship, and one that is stubborn. There is a thin line between love and infatuation. You might feel that you are in love but it may be just mere attraction. The best way to know if you love someone is to introspect and see how you feel in their presence. If you want to be a little sure it’s love and not infatuation, then you can look for these signs.

It is beyond physical appearance

When you love someone, you look beyond their physical features. They may be smart, handsome, or beautiful, but for you what should matter is the emotional connection with your partner. Attraction is more related to looks whereas love is more intimate and personal.

You lose your calm around them

When love starts to bloom, you feel a strange magnetism when you are with that person. You sort of go out of words, feel conscious, and do not know how to act. The other person might be your good friend for a long time but as soon as you fall in love with them, everything changes.

Attraction goes away, love doesn’t

If you are attracted to someone, then the formula of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ will work. However, with love, you crave for the person more in their absence. You won’t feel it that much but they are always in your mind and you imagine things from the perspective of ‘what if they were here’.

Your confidence and self-esteem boosts

Love doesn’t let you down but it makes you rise above your horizons. If you are in love, then their personality will add to yours and you’ll feel more confident and charming. You’ll see a positive difference in yourself.

If you think you are seeing these small changes in yourself, then don’t wait, just go and confess your love for the special someone.

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