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All You Need to Know About Male Fertility


Female infertility is a subject which is often discussed and highlighted when it comes to starting a family. Women do not shy away from taking fertility tests. However, when it comes to men, our society still has a taboo attached to male fertility. Even today, men are kept under shadow when it comes to the pressure of conceiving. But we must understand that men are equally responsible for the pregnancy process just like females. Their sexual health is as important as their partner’s. As yesterday marked the beginning of the International Men’s Health Week, let’s take a moment to know everything about male fertility and sperm count that can help a man to prevent sexual disorders.

Causes of male infertility

According to a report in Mayo Clinic, 1 out of every 7 couples faces infertility. Infertility can be caused in men due to various reasons and one of which is majorly low sperm count. Illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices and other factors, can affect the production of sperms in males. Sometimes, men also suffer blockage due to which the efflux of semen is not possible. This condition is known as Ejaculatory duct obstruction. Azoospermia, a rare condition, is also a concern when it comes to sperm count. In this condition, no sperms are found in the semen.

Sperm Health

Sperm health plays the most important part in determining the fertile health in males. While the condition is quite rare, it is still a matter of concern. A healthy sperm depends upon various factors such as quantity and movement.

Semen discharges millions of sperms in a single ejaculation. The most common number is between 15 million to 20 million. If the number is too low, then the chances of fertilisation decrease.

Not just the quantity, the way sperms travel to the female body for fertilisation also matters. To reach the egg, sperms must swim through the female cervix in a wriggling way.

Ways to improve fertility in men

Balance diet

What we eat directly impacts our overall health and immunity. Even to boost fertility, you should eat a nutritional diet. Try to include foods rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc as they are said to be beneficial in increasing sperm count.


Exercising is one of the proven ways to improve overall health including fertility. It is believed that by exercising daily, you can witness a boost in testosterone levels which will further help in improving fertility.

Quit smoking and alcohol

Over consumption of alcohol and tobacco can lead to fertility issues. Heavy drinking is said to lower testosterone levels and shrink the testes which can cause impotency in males.

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