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WORLD PEST DAY 2022: Pest or vermin is a term used by us to refer to any organism, whether plant or animal, considered to be harmful to human beings. The term usually relates to protecting crops, an    d livestock from unwanted animals or plant species that are invasive.

World Pest Day is celebrated annually on June 6. The international event creates awareness among people and governments about the necessity of pest management. Here are ten interesting facts about World Pest Day.

  1. World Pest Day began as an initiative by the Chinese Pest Control Association, a pest management market, on June 6, 2017, at a hotel in Beijing, China, as noted by the Global Pest management Coalition website.
  2. The inaugural event of 2017 was also sponsored by the Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers’ Association (FAOPMA), the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA), and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).
  3. Portugal hosted the second World Pest Day in 2018, in Portugal. At this time, the third Global Summit of Pest Management Services for Public Health and Food Safety took place in the town of Cascais, Portugal.
  4. World Pest Day is also known as World Pest Awareness Day.
  5. World Pest Day also highlights the role of pest control professionals working to ensure pest-free and healthy environments for people.
  6. The celebration attempts to highlight and glorify the international pest management industry. The event is meant to market professional pest management through advertising, social media and public service announcements, as noted by the National Pest Management Association website NPMA.
  7. The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) is an organisation that, through the contribution of various investors, creates a positive image regarding pest eradication to fuel its growth.
  8. World Pest day celebrations encourage a reliance on professional pest management through scientific means, but in a socially responsible manner.
  9. PPMA also defends its pest control actions and methods against nature activists who question and criticise them.
  10. Humans declare an animal or plant “pest” or “vermin” based on their convenience and need, irrespective of harm to that animal or ecology.

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