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Ali Fazal Gives Fitness Goals With His Rigorous Workout Session

Ali Fazal Gives Fitness Goals With His Rigorous Workout Session


After recovering from a shoulder injury, the Mirzapur fame Ali Fazal, has made his return to the gym. Sometime back, Ali shared a video from his intense workout session where he was seen performing all sorts of exercises from cycling to lifting heavy weights.

His trainer Adnan Azhar can also be seen accompanying in the video. “Slaying it with Adnan Azhar!” wrote the actor in the caption of his post. Ali also confirmed much improvement in his shoulder injuries.

Take a look at the video here:

The fans have been pouring a lot of love for the actor in the comments section. After watching the video, many have dropped fire emoticons and wished him good health.

If you are curious to know what all exercises the actor is doing in the clip. Have a look below:

Cycling: Cycling as everyone knows, is performed as a cardio exercise to warm up, and this is what Ali does at the beginning of the video.

Face pull: The face pull is among upper body exercises. It improves not only your overall shoulder health and movement patterns, but also increases shoulder strength and scapular stability. To do this exercise correctly, first, grasp the rope in an overhand grip and hold it out in front of you with your arms fully extended. Pull the rope uniformly towards you, keeping your upper arms parallel.

Battle ropes: This exercise works on the majority of your muscles, including those in your abdominals, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back, and legs. Battle ropes come in a variety of combinations that improve muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and athletic performance.

Parallel bars dip: It helps to strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and lower back muscles. This exercise can be done by gripping the bars and lifting yourself, then going down and up slowly without shaking your elbows.

Overhead press: Among several exercises, Ali was seen doing an overhead press. It is performed with the help of a bar rod. The bar rod is lifted up from an overhand grip and taken above the head. It assists in increasing the strength and size of the shoulder muscles, triceps muscles, trapezius as well as core muscles, such as your obliques, transverse abdominal muscles, and lower back.

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