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Alaya F: The Yoga You See on My Instagram, I Funnily Call It Show Off Yoga; Here’s Why


Alaya F is just one film old in the industry. However, she is already a popular personality on social media. The actress has made headlines for her style, her funny reels and posts of her day-to-day life. While she was already lighting up our timeline with her contagious energy, last year she started grabbing attention for her yoga videos.

On International Day of Yoga, Pooja Bedi’s gorgeous daughter opened up about her journey into yoga with She revealed that she originally began performing yoga after watching a few yoga videos on Instagram during the first pandemic and replicating them. However, it was only in the second lockdown that she seriously started taking classes.

“In the first lockdown, I remember, I used to see these incredible people do incredible things with their body when they were doing yoga and I just remember looking at them and being mesmerised by it. I was like I want to be able to do that,” she said.

She saw a few videos and thought to herself that she could do yoga by herself. “Without any training and without anything, I tried attempting that and they worked. I uploaded them on Instagram and everyone thought I was properly doing yoga. During the second lockdown, I was like I actually need to learn yoga so I learnt yoga with the right techniques and since then, it has been a daily integral part of my life,” she added.

While Alaya’s Instagram posts do present yoga goals, Alaya confessed that the videos are shot post her yoga sessions and in a way that could appeal to her social media followers. “What you see on Instagram is what I shoot when the class is already over. So that’s the bit I very funnily call ‘show off yoga’. It’s just glorified positions and big stretches and balance-oriented positions. It’s the stuff that is appealing and eye-catchy that people would like to watch, especially when they are quickly scrolling through a lot of things. But what I do in class is actually a lot more about the practice and the strength and the flow and all that,” Alaya said.

The Jawaani Jaaneman star revealed that she loves yoga because, before every class, her yoga instructor finds out about her mood and then customizes the routine accordingly. “Modifying and customizing (the routine) every day to how you feel and what you feel like doing has always really helped me because I always feel something new is happening. Also, I really like revisiting things that maybe I couldn’t do earlier and then because of the strength and balance that I build unknowingly while practising yoga, now suddenly I feel I can do those poses. So all these milestones keep me going,” she said.

Coincidentally, Alaya turned vegetarian around the same time as she took up yoga more seriously. However, she assured us that it was not inter-related. Ask her how her diet in the current scenario appears like, Alaya explained, “It depends on my goals and my workout schedule, it’s always flexible. Right now my diet is more on the healthier side. So there are a lot of juices, fruits, salads, soups, and wholesome meals like roti-sabzi. A lot of cleansing and detoxing going on right now.”

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