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Alarming Food Combinations You Should Try Avoiding


If you are rigorously working out in order to lose weight, you must remember that your diet plays an equally essential role in ensuring that you lose extra fat. So, for your diet to show its effect, there are certain food combinations that one should avoid consuming together. According to numerous nutritionists and Ayurveda experts, certain food combinations can clog digestive channels and prevent your body from absorbing essential nutrients that help you in weight loss.

As per a report by Healthline, these are some harmful food combinations you should avoid if you’re on a weight loss journey.

  1. When you combine carbohydrate and protein, like meat with potatoes or bread, the protein putrefies and the carbohydrate ferments, this causes bloating, acidity, and flatulence. It is advised that you eat complementary combinations such as beans and rice, which is a suitable gastronomical combination.
  2. Tea-time is often signified by certain snacks on the set menu. However, this could be a stumbling block in your weight-loss journey. Tea contains caffeine, which, when consumed with other food items can obstruct iron absorption, causing bloating.
  3. Chapati, veggies, and rice make up a classic Indian lunch or dinner. However, Chapati and Rice are two types of hefty grains that have a high GI value. They should never be consumed simultaneously.
  4. With a hefty lunch, your stomach is already full. So, do not put too much pressure on it by consuming sugary desserts right after. Allow for some time between your lunch and the dessert.
  5. Combining foods with various digestion enzymes, according to health experts, will cause harmful effects on your gut. Foods that require various digestive speeds should also be avoided. This could jeopardize your intestinal health and your weight loss plan can be disturbed.
  6. Carbs and sugar are another deadly combination that should not be consumed together. For example, having a bag of potato chips with an aerated drink like Coca-Cola will only hamper your weight loss journey.

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