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Ajwain and Veggies to Raisins and Pumpkin Seeds, Best Food Combos For Anaemia Patients


Iron deficiency anaemia is a commonly found condition in which the blood lacks adequate red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body’s tissues. As the name suggests, it is caused due to insufficient iron in your blood. Without iron in your diet, you may get easily tired and have shortness of breath.

While you can correct the iron deficiency with iron supplements, it is advised to take care of your diet and keep eating iron-rich food. Some of the best food combinations to eat to keep your iron deficiency in check are:

Ajwain with Vegetables:

If you want to make your vegetables rich in iron and more beneficial, then add some ajwain to them. It will help increase the absorption of iron in your system. You can even add ajwain in rotis.

Apply Asafetida in Lentils:

While asafetida is normally used in Indian cuisines to enhance the taste of the food, it is also helpful in increasing the absorption of iron from lentils. Along with improving blood circulation it also dilutes the blood.

Raisins and Pumpkin Seeds

Both of them are rich in nutrients including iron, but if both of them are eaten together then it can be really beneficial to anaemic patients.

Iron Supplements with Lemonade

Iron supplements are commonly prescribed to patients who face a lack of energy and lethargy because of iron deficiency. Some researchers have found that taking them with lemonade can help you increase iron absorption in your body.

What to Avoid in Case of Iron Deficient Anaemia?

Beverages such as tea and coffee should be avoided in case of iron-deficient anemia. Milk and some dairy products should also be avoided. Foods that contain tannins such as grapes, corn, and sorghum should be avoided as they can temper your iron absorption.

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