Home Lifestyle Addicted to Your Smartphone Way Too Much? Here’s the Damage it Causes

Addicted to Your Smartphone Way Too Much? Here’s the Damage it Causes

Addicted to Your Smartphone Way Too Much? Here’s the Damage it Causes


Most of us can swear by our lives that the advent of mobile phones is a blessing to us. We can safely admit that we cannot do without our smartphones for a few hours, let alone a day. While the advancements in technology certainly made our lives easier and we can now connect to the entire world with a few buttons on our smartphone, it has certainly come at a cost.

In our efforts to stay connected with the world through our smartphones, many of us have become less connected to our own surroundings and in some cases, even our families. A new term called ‘phubbing’ has been coined to refer to the use of the phone instead of talking to someone in your vicinity.

Clubbing the words phone and snubbing, phubbing literally means snubbing someone in front of you by choosing to be addicted to your phone instead of striking up a conversation with that person. This can, unknowingly, hurt the sentiments of the people at the receiving end.

Even apart from that, after a hectic schedule in college or at the workplace, everyone has very little time to spend with family and dear ones in today’s fast-paced and competitive world. However, choosing the time we can spend interacting with family instead of browsing social media or watching YouTube videos can distance you from your family, without you even realizing it.

Experts also believed that, particularly for the younger generation, excessive addiction to social media can cause stress and anxiety. Much of the younger generation craves for validation on social media through photos and posts. It is an entirely competitive world out there with a battle for likes and comments. Not being able to thrive in this validation game can cause us to lose our mental peace, the brunt of which often family members have to bear.

Smartphones are a necessity in today’s times and social media is certainly a fun place where we can find some pleasure and entertainment. But, just like all other things in the world, it works best when it is done in moderation and not excessively. Moreover, the use of smartphones is healthiest when it does not become a priority over our real-life family bonds.

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