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Aadhaar Users Alert! UIDAI Specifies 7 Ways to Prevent Aadhaar Fraud; Check Details Here


In the wake of the recent controversy regarding the security of Aadhaar, the Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI, has issued a series of advisories as to how to prevent Aadhaar frauds. Earlier last month, the Bengaluru wing of UIDAI had issued an advisory warning people not to share Aadhaar numbers. However, later the ministry of electronics and IT the statement and clarified that Aadhaar card holders may use ‘normal prudence’ in sharing their Aadhaar numbers. But this had already triggered a row around the safety of using Aadhaar, as Aadhaar frauds have become pretty common in India.

To prevent Aadhaar card frauds, the UIDAI has in a series of tweets since May have issued guidelines as to how to use Aadhaar properly. Check them below:

1. Verify Aadhaar Presented to You: The UIDAI in a tweet said all 12-digit numbers are not Aadhaar numbers, and asked the person to verify an Aadhaar number through its portal before accepting it as identity proof.

2. Do Not Share Aadhaar OTP: The UIDAI has recommended citizens to keep an Aadhaar OTP to themselves and not to share with anyone to prevent Aadhaar fraud.

3. Avoid Downloading Aadhaar on Public Computers: The UIDAI has also asked users not download e-Aadhaar on public computers, and even if they to they have been advised to delete all the copies.

4. Download Aadhaar Only from Official Portal: The UIDAI, which issues the 12-digit Aadhaar number, has recommended users to download Aadhaar only from its official website.

5. Check Aadhaar Authentication History: “You can check the #Aadhaar Authentication #History of up to 50 authentications in the past 6 months. The exact date and time of Authentication are mentioned in the results, which can help you notice if there’s an unintended authentication entry,” said the UIDAI in a tweet dated May 23.

6. Lock Your Aadhaar: The UIDAI has asked Aadhaar users to lock their Aadhaar biometrics using the mAahdaar app or to use the official website to avoid any possible misuse.

7.  Use Masked Aadhaar: The UIDAI has encouraged the usage of masked Aadhaar, which is valid and accepted widely. A masked Aadhaar displays only the last four digits of the Aadhaar number.

As per the UIDAI website, “Protection of the individual, and the safeguarding their information is inherent in the design of the UID project. From having a random number which does not reveal anything about the individual to other features listed below, the UID project keeps the interest of the resident at the core of its purpose and objectives.”

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