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A Psychologist’s Guide To Healthy Love And Relationship


Almost everyone wants to be in a loving relationship. People want a life partner to share and solve their problems with. They want a partner who can be there for them through thick and thin. But sometimes, these relationships turn toxic for several reasons. Either the expectations are impractical or the person is just not putting enough effort to make things work.

It isn’t fair for just one person in a relationship to do everything. Such things bring a lot of mistrust in a relationship.

In a recent post, Holistic Psychologist Dr Nicole LePera shared her concept of what people are looking for in their relationship and how one can achieve it.

Dr Nicole LePera shares many tips on how one should treat their partner and try not to control them.

She captioned her Insta post, ” I think this little mini-guide will help a lot of you start to build healthy relationships. I’m working on this, too. Share with a partner or bookmark for later”.

Meaningful love:

Dr LePera’s post read, “Understand your partner cannot read your mind (+shouldn’t have to),” suggesting that we should express all our concerns to our partners rather than expecting them to understand “unsaid words”. That would only create more misunderstandings. According to the psychologist “If we want something, we must directly ask for it, even if it feels scary or uncomfortable.”

Why is it important to talk openly?

Dr LePera further claimed that people have forgotten what mature love is. Love nowadays comes with situations, where we expect our partners to give, or do something in return for our efforts, while it shouldn’t be. To be in a relationship, a man must take responsibility for his actions and learn new and healthy ways to deal with his emotions.

Conversation or dialogue is the key to keeping a relationship healthy. Nicole recommends that to avoid resentment, talk to your partner, even if this task is difficult. She also says that one should allow one’s partner the freedom to prove themselves and always inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

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