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6 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Bloating Quickly


Do you often feel bloated? Don’t worry, it is one of the most common problems with several reasons behind it. The main cause behind stomach pain and bloating can be excess intestinal gas. It is usually a digestive issue, however, factors like stress can also play a part. If the pain continues, you must visit your medical advisor for the best cure. Bloating can also happen when you eat too fast, have a food intolerance, or have constipation which usually builds gas. Temporary bloating can also happen during your menstrual cycle.

Here are the six tips to reduce bloating:

Limit the consumption of food that triggers bloating

Many people experience bloating due to consuming certain foods that contain high amounts of non-digestible compounds, like broccoli, cabbage, baked beans, and artificial sweeteners. Know what food triggers you and try to limit your consumption.

Drink enough water

As per Matthew Bechtold, MD, a gastroenterologist at the University of Missouri Health Care, drinking enough water will not only keep you hydrated but also reduce bloating in the form of gas and constipation.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is important for overall health. If you find it difficult to take out time to hit the gym amid your busy schedule, remember to walk regularly. Exercise not only helps us avoid rapid weight gain but also prevents water retention.

Have your meals on time

Large gaps between your meal timings can lead to the formation of gas. Have small meals throughout the day and keep your snacks near you. Even fruits or nuts will help to prevent the problem of bloating.

Know your sodium intake

Salty snacks or food containing a high amount of sodium can also make you feel bloated. Too much salt can lead to water retention, which in turn can make your belly feel stuffy.

Make greens your friend

You read it right! Make green leafy vegetables your friends. Vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and kale are good sources of insoluble fibre that help in reducing gas and bloating. You can have them as your salad or even incorporate them into your soup.

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