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6 Signs Of Healthy Friendship We Bet Nobody Ever Told You

6 Signs Of Healthy Friendship We Bet Nobody Ever Told You


In a lifetime, we make many friends, but not everyone is a close or a best friend. Some are just friends and with some, we share our bad and good days. There are only a few friends, you can call at odd hours and ask for help or suggestions. In an era of social media, the essence of true friendship is lost.

According to National Etiquette Expert and Modern Manners professional Diane Gottsman, a true friendship involves the investment of time, emotions and thinking. Whenever we are in trouble, we look for our friends. We want to share our happiness with them, cry on their shoulder and want them in our time of grief.

Let’s take a look at how to identify healthy and deep friendship:

Connection binds two people together for a lifetime. They find each other by their sides whenever one needs the other. You don’t feel relaxed and calm until you have shared all the details of an event with him/her. This deep connection is the essence of a true and healthy friendship.

When two friends meet, there is laughter. Joking about old times, making fun of each other, sharing stupidity, and much more makes a friendship deep.

A good friend will always inspire you. A good friend will always accept the challenges and will also help you get out of every situation.

Always be there in your time of need. Whenever you are in need, you will always find your good friend by your side. In happiness and sorrow, you will always find them.

A good friendship is a two-way process. You take care of each other and are always there for one another.

Good friends make plans together and also show each other the right direction.

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