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5 Yoga Asanas to Reduce High Cholesterol Levels

5 Yoga Asanas to Reduce High Cholesterol Levels


Increased cholesterol levels pose serious risk for heart and may lead to even heart strokes. High cholesterol can increase the risk of heart problems. According to experts, if the cholesterol level goes out of control, then it could be fatal. It is advisable to get good sleep with a good diet to balance the proper cholesterol levels in the body. But, to control high cholesterol levels we need to start doing yoga regularly.

Here are top 5 yoga poses which will help you to control cholesterol levels in body.

1. Sarvangasana: Sarvangasana yoga is one of the best effective poses or asanas to reduce increased cholesterol. With this asana, bad cholesterol can be reduced in the body. To do this yoga pose first lift the legs on the back, and then put the entire weight on the shoulders, head and elbows. Try to lift the legs straight as much as you can till you remain stable. Those who have problems like hernia, thyroid, or heart issues should avoid this asana.

2. Paschimottanasana: Paschimottanasana can also prove to be very good for controlling cholesterol levels in body. To do this, sit with your feet straight. Then slowly bend forward while exhaling and try to touch your knees with your nose without lifting the legs.

3. Kapalbhati Pranayama: Kapalbhati Pranayama can prove to be very good in reducing cholesterol. It also controls obesity. To do this, sit up straight and take a long and deep breath, pull the stomach inwards and exhale. Doing it continuously also helps to prevent tiredness. Kapalbhati Pranayama should be avoided during migraine, pregnancy and periods.

4. Vajrasana: Vajra means diamond and this asana is one of the important ones to reduce cholesterol. This is also one of the yoga forms that can be performed even after eating. This asana also helps in active digestion. It also helps in relieving the stress of muscular cramps, and it improves the circulation of blood to lower cholesterol. Also known as diamond pose, it is a simple sitting pose. In this asana body weight rests on the heels with the calves remaining under the thighs. You can start doing this pose for 3-4 minutes initially and then increase it to 5-7 minutes.

5. Chakrasana: Also known as the half-bow or urdhva dhanurasana, this asana helps in enhancing the vitality of the heart. It helps to stimulate the thyroid and pituitary glands and helps to boost metabolism. It’s a deep back bending pose in which palms and feet remain on the ground with the entire body lifted up. The fingers should face your shoulders and the body weight should rest on palms and feet.

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